domingo, febrero 14, 2016

The importance of being a genius douche

We millenials, and the ones before that, LOVE…ADORE ironic consumption. Tons of articles in buzzfeed about how awesome Baywatch was or how stupid Honey Boo Boo family is –but still knowing all the names of its members, huh?-. But when it comes to certain artists the ironic line or border is not as easy to cross.
Kanye West, mass genius, most hatred idiotique character. Why the ironic label can’t be applied to him anymore?
A guy who defied classic hip hop releasing an album like College Dropout, who made one of the most trascendental records of the 2010 era (MBDTF) can’t be forgiven for all the stupid things he says everyday –worthy of any campy reality show star, well…not to go that far, look who his wife is- because music and human beings are a whole and that can’t be separated.

I’ve had many discusions with theoretical experts (?) in arts about how the art can’t be separated from the life of the artist, being extremely methafisical: the concept of beauty and good. How as the art is beauty, it’s a good…and as this, it should come from something good, thereas…beauty. Applying this rules to everything is being deluded in just concepts and not realities. If Hitler was a real Picasso at the moment of painting…we would be saying that his paintings were bullshit because of the things he has done? I’m not so sure about it. The problem is the inhability to see art without using our judgemental glasses.

Not even asking such big thing, let’s talk about the inhability of thinking lightly –when it’s not really affecting human lives- and not taking so serious the matters.
I’m incredible amazed how nowadays, in the era of ironic consumption and social networks, the people is more susceptible to more things than in the past.

And there where is Kanye West comes. Is he a stupid egocentrical machine of saying incorrect shit? YES, HE IS. Is that meaning that his music is awful and unlistenable? NO, AS FAR AS I KNOW. If he’s tweeting defending a violator, his music is now mysogonistic and you can’t listen to it anymore? NOPE.
Did you stop watching Polanski’s movies you liked after the allegations? Why is this so different? Why we can’t just laugh about it and just listen, watch, enjoy the art.

The important things are happening out there, priests molesting childrens (and yes, Bill Cosbys doing it so as well, not Kanyes as far as I know), refugees crisis, ISIS, people dying of hunger… does it really matter that much if Kanye says he’s greater than god?

Since when everything is so sacrum? Are we going back in time and no ahead?

Give the douche a break, hear his music, and food for thought to other matters…really important matters.

 PS: Full of typos probably. Wrote this while drunk in a Cafe.